mikeAs a comunication support services provider, MSA offers Japanese and American transnational organizations two types of services. The first is bilingual communications services. Our bilingual and highly-literate copy editors translate materials from one language into the other; their native language is the target language, which ensures sensitivity to grammar, fluidity and culture. Additionally, some of our clients’ translation needs are highly proprietary or sensitive. These clients value MSA’s commitment to discretion.

The second type is organizational services. Some clients use MSA to help maintain a steady and smooth flow of communication between or among their Japanese-speaking and English-speaking offices or departments. In this capacity, MSA facilitates and enhances existing communications systems, often working closely with in-house communications and/or human resources departments. Services include newsletters, intramural websites, blogs, seminars, workshops, and methods for gathering and assessing information from employees and managers in order to enhance organizational efficiency.

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